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We helped FiscalNote step onto the global stage by reimagining their brand and creating the newest, on-brand version of their product by leveraging Kotlin for Android. Now, their newest app fully leverages the benefits of the Android operating system for a more interactive and intuitive user experience.

We leveraged React Native and ReactJS to develop a suite of 3 apps in 4 weeks that created user interfaces for Standard Cognition’s AI-powered checkout technology — enabling them to quickly bring their product to market.

Key Capabilities

We used React Native to build a single codebase for Arcadia's first-ever Android and iOS apps, taking the best parts of their web-based products and making them available to a new, previously unavailable market segment.

We brought the best in AR technology to the Museum of Life and Science. Our work allowed them to extend their experience into the mobile world in a meaningful way — while also showcasing their ability to merge science and technology.

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