Client-Side Apps

  • Productivity + Delight

    Client-side apps combine the best parts of web applications and native software. They allow for desktop-app level productivity (users can work quickly without losing context or waiting for a page to reload after every action), while maintaining web-app style development efficiency (your app is available without a download to every device with a web browser, and deployment of updates is instant without requiring any app store approval).

  • Single Feature or Full App

    Whether you want to build a full client-side app experience like Google Inbox, or an app with just a few key client-side app driven features like GitHub, we’re equipped with the expertise to deliver. Not sure which approach is best for your product? Let our team of server-side and client-side experts help you decide.

  • We're Behind the Scenes Too

    Great client-side apps are backed by great APIs. We have industry-leading expertise building both. Don’t want to build and maintain your own custom API? Not a problem. We’re experienced working with common backend-as-a-service providers like Firebase.