Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Our Commitment

From our Co-Founder and CEO, Brian Williams:

“Viget’s culture and sustainability has always combined two seemingly contradictory ideas: we must be firm and unwavering in core values that never change, while simultaneously open to and seeking change, growth, and progress as individuals and a team. A company culture isn’t formed by strategic plans, expert consultants, and founder decrees. Rather, culture reflects the values and behaviors of the people in an organization. This makes authentic, lasting improvements challenging. We’ve always been up for a challenge.

When we committed in 2020 to maturing into a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive company, we didn’t know what to expect. Would closer reflection reveal irreparable flaws or toxic elements we’d been blind to all these years? Would the change required be unattainable given our inherent limitations of size, resources, and expertise? Would we try and fail in an unrecoverable way, risking the company we’d spent two decades creating?

Our DEI journey has been humbling, inspiring, and encouraging. It has no deadline or destination. Our DEI work is increasingly woven into every aspect of our business, from how we recruit, hire, manage, and promote people to how we market, sell, and deliver client work, to how we share, support, and engage with our industry and communities. Through a mix of broad strategic shifts in our mindset and approach, as well as tangible, tactical improvements, we’re working to truly live up to our mission of building a better digital world for everyone.”

Culture & Inclusion

We want everyone at Viget to feel included and heard by providing ways for employees to engage with each other and with leadership. We have two initiatives that encourage discussion and/or action around company culture, policies, and procedures:

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs)

At Viget, ERGs are employee-led initiatives that help Viget staff connect through shared experiences by encouraging supportive conversation and fostering personal, professional, and organizational development. Ultimately, ERGs create a sense of belonging to help people thrive in the workplace. Our current ERGs include:

  • Employees of Color: A community aimed at fostering meaningful connections in a safe space between those who identify as people of color at Viget.

  • LGBTQIA+: LGBTQIA+ Vigets and allies focused on building a community that equips employees to be their authentic selves.

  • Mental Inclusivity + Neurodiversity Network: Providing a safe space for Vigets to support each other in taking better care of our mental and emotional health.

DEI Advisory Committee (DEIAC)

The DEIAC is designed to tackle DEI initiatives and advise leadership. The DEIAC is employee-led and time is reserved during the work week for participating employees. All employees at Viget are invited to participate in DEIAC-led initiatives.

In progress and upcoming initiatives:

  • Development of a Difficult Conversations framework

  • Training for our peer review process

  • Creation of a career progression framework for every role at Viget

  • Planning events to host external DEI speakers

Completed initiatives:

  • Assessment and strategy for a DEI consultant selection

  • Audit and DEI strategy development informed by our DEI consultant

  • Review and advisement on traumatic event responses

  • An internal name pronunciation guide for employees

Community & Outreach

Our commitment to DEI expands beyond our business. We’re also working toward a more equitable future for our industry and the communities where we live and work. To that end:

Our Demographics:

Every person at Viget is unique, with their own story, background, and perspectives. That said, as a data-informed organization, we realize that data can help provide tangible, objective understanding. The following demographic data was collected in October 2021.

    Bar chart showing gender identity data for Viget
    Self-Identified Gender Identity Data at Viget
    Bar chat showing self-identified LGBTQIA+ data for Viget
    Self-Identified LGBTQIA+ Data at Viget
    Bar chart showing self-identified race & ethnicity data for Viget
    Self-Identified Race & Ethnicity Data at Viget

    Our DEI Journey

    Our diversity, equity, and inclusion journey will continue to evolve. As we learn from our peers, hire new people with new ideas, and broaden our understanding, we will update our approach. We hope that by sharing along the way, we can learn from and inspire other organizations to join us in the hopes that together we can make lasting change.