About Vihget.

Working with Viget

  • Design + Engineering

    What’s it like to work with us? Try imagining a partner who has the heart of a developer, the soul of an artist, and a vision to create an elegantly connected, digitally enhanced, well-communicated world, where the perfect reaction gif is always within reach.

  • Ideas + Reality

    What do you do when you find someone with both the audacity to dream big, and the work-ethic to make it happen? What we do is hire them.

  • Simple + Technical

    Making technology hard to use is easy; it’s making it feel effortless that’s the real sticky wicket. That’s why a full third of our team is comprised of experienced engineers, whose dedicated work ensures the best ideas always perform flawlessly.

  • Freedom + Accountability

    To go for the fences creatively, you have to know where those fences actually are. We take the time to clearly communicate scope and budgetary boundaries, so we can confidently swing with everything we’ve got.

  • Confidence + Humility

    It takes confidence to know when you’re right, humility to admit when you’re wrong, and over 16 years of dedicated focus to build a company that strives for the perfect balance of both.

Meet the team.