About Viget.

We are tech optimists.

We see the digital world as an essential part of the “real” world. That’s why we approach tech problems in the same way we approach real-life problems — with curiosity, empathy, and a belief that we can, and will, come up with solutions that make the world a better place for everyone.


We believe in a digital world that reflects the best in us, and that’s the world we’re helping to build.

We give back image

We Give Back.

We’re committed to supporting our communities through local events and pro bono project work.

Our values.

  • Be Good

    To us, this means honest, trustworthy, empathetic, helpful, and respectful of your fellow humans.

  • Be Real

    We’re at our best when we’re authentic, engaged, fun-loving, humble, direct, and all-in on our mission.

  • Be Brave

    We want you to be curious, creative, ambitious, decisive, and willing to take calculated risks and tackle big challenges.

  • Learn & Grow

    Here, you’ll continually expand and evolve your skills, and broaden your personal and professional experiences.

  • Teach & Share

    By imparting insights, knowledge, and wisdom throughout our company and community we all succeed.

  • Teamwork

    We’re all on the same team and we consistently work both hard and smart in service to our clients and each other.

Our Locations

Our Team