Brand and Product

  • FiscalNote
  • Challenge

    Help propel a successful startup into their next phase of growth with an end-to-end experience for their users.

  • Solution

    Develop a brand strategy and imagine a new version of the FiscalNote product to help them stand up against established competitors.

  • Results

    A strategic new way to tell the FiscalNote story and a premium Android product that delivers on brand promises to both new and existing users.

Catching up to your own success. Every startup is motivated by the desire to turn ideas into reality. But what happens when you succeed? What happens when success takes your scrappy, growing startup onto the global stage — a stage already populated by long-established companies with polished marketing and products to match? This is precisely where FiscalNote, a startup focusing on government issues management, found themselves. FiscalNote needed a more sophisticated way of telling their story, and they needed a product that delivers on their brand promises. They turned to Viget to develop their first formal brand strategy and rethink their product for their first-ever Android app.

  • Best Foot Forward.

    On the eve of a major announcement, FiscalNote needed a brand strategy to control their narrative. Through a series of interviews and workshops, we helped them define their brand attributes and message in context of their industry. Their users were often intimidated by new technology and hesitant to change processes. This meant FiscalNote needed to convey that their brand was trustworthy, and their product was proven. We developed their overall strategy, with the visuals and messaging to support this vision – even providing direction that extended into their new office space. FiscalNote shed their startup history for a more sophisticated way of communicating who they are as an organization.

  • “Viget has a unique ability to really understand what makes your business different, and turn that into something that resonates with people.”

    Nate Sullivan Sr. Director of Marketing
  • Developing for Growth.

    FiscalNote needed a reimagined version of their product that was built around users’ day-to-day workflows. Viget dove into user research and their complex data model to find opportunities for a new mobile prototype. We used this prototype to gather user feedback that helped us define the product roadmap – what was possible now, and what could this product do in the future? We integrated with their API to bridge existing technical solutions from iOS to Android, while planning for future development based on FiscalNote’s long term strategy.

  • We developed FiscalNote's first-ever Android app.
  • End-to-End Brand Experience.

    The success of a reimagined FiscalNote hinged on consistent, polished, and reliable experiences for both their brand and product. Through agile development, and by leveraging Kotlin for Android, their newest app fully leverages the benefits of the Android operating system for a more interactive and intuitive user experience. While our approach to development ensured great app performance, the user interface was designed by the same team that reimagined their brand. This partnership between product and brand resulted in a consistent, premium experience through every part of the customer journey.


We helped FiscalNote step onto the global stage by reimagining their brand and creating the newest, on-brand version of their product through their first-ever Android app.