Standard Cognition

AI-Powered Checkout

  • Standard Cognition
  • Challenge

    Over a 4-week period, develop a suite of user-facing front-end applications that can integrate with existing autonomous checkout technology.

  • Solution

    Leverage React Native and ReactJS to create 3 separate apps, each with its own developer-owner, and a single product designer to help tie them all together.

  • Results

    We delivered a user interface for Standard Cognition’s AI-powered checkout technology, enabling them to quickly bring their product to market.

Creating a user interface for autonomous checkout. Standard Cognition is a San Francisco-based startup that’s working to make the checkout line a thing of the past. By leveraging machine learning and camera-enabled computer vision, they’ve developed a system that lets shoppers, as they put it, “Walk in. Grab stuff. Leave.” With their back-end technology in place, Standard Cognition still needed to develop a suite of apps to make their technology operational. If they were going to get to market quickly — in just 4 weeks — they needed a team that could help with their user-facing product as they finalized their core service offering. Viget’s task was to help Standard Cognition over the finish line by producing a user-centric front-end for their innovative AI-powered technology.

  • PROJECT PLANNING Building at Speed

    Our team of 4 developers and 1 product designer met Standard Cognition’s aggressive timeline through a series of incredibly fast turnarounds. We kept up the pace by organizing the 4 weeks into 1-week sprints; we included the Standard Cognition team in our daily standups and stayed in close collaboration with the multi-site team using Slack, Zinhub, and Google Hangouts.

  • (Left) The shopper experience in a tablet app for guests or a native mobile app for customers. (Right) The store manager app.
  • PRODUCT DEFINITION Three Apps Walk Into a Store

    The 3 apps we developed facilitated 3 different types of transactions: an app shoppers could download on their phones that would eliminate the need to go through checkout; a “kiosk” app for guests who didn’t have the app downloaded; and an app the store manager could use to track and manage store activity. While each app had its distinct tasks to perform, it was essential that they operated in tandem, in addition to working with Standard Cognition’s AI. By building the apps simultaneously, and designing them using the same logic, we were able to ensure that the apps not only functioned well by themselves, but also functioned together.


    Throughout the process, we emphasized regular, rigorous code reviews, continuous integration, and automated testing. Our recommendation to build on React and React Native was based on a thorough understanding of the client’s needs, as well as in-depth research we completed at the beginning of the project.

  • We've been digging into your code and we really love the way you do things. We're happy that we are getting something that not only looks good on the outside, but the inside as well.

    Dave Valdman Co-Founder, Machine Learning
  • CLIENT COLLABORATION A Productive Partnership

    Our expertise on the product side allowed us to effectively complement Standard Cognition’s mastery of machine learning and AI. Initially, their team proposed building a single app and provided us with a feature list. By working with them on further product definition, we were able to evolve the idea from 1 app into 3. We then helped Standard Cognition define feature lists for those apps, and translated those lists into logical user flows. Throughout the process, we were committed to collaborating with Standard Cognition to organize their vision into tangible, achievable goals.


We leveraged React Native and ReactJS to develop a suite of 3 apps in 4 weeks that created user interfaces for Standard Cognition’s AI-powered checkout technology — enabling them to quickly bring their product to market.