We first put our roots down in the Washington, D.C. Metro Area, and now have offices in Durham, NC and Boulder, CO. When looking for our next great home, we wanted another city with a balance of a growing creative tech community and a culture our employees could enjoy.

With its access to gigabit internet and a smart grid, Chattanooga is on its way to becoming one of America’s smartest cities, and we’re excited to join the businesses investing in this growth.

Want to be part of Viget's growth in Chattanooga? We're hiring developers, UI engineers, UX designers, and analysts.

The Latin word “Viget” translates to flourishing, which we try to do in the context of the communities we’re in. We expanded to Chattanooga because it’s easy to see the bright future this city has, and we’re eager to help continue this progress. As we get to know and grow in the city, we’re located at the Edney Innovation Center at Society of Work and you’ll often find us enjoying some treats at Clumpie’s, walking around the Rock City Gardens, or sharing a meal at Main Street Meats. We love to meet new locals, so let’s connect!