Mobile Energy Products

  • Arcadia
  • Challenge

    Arcadia was looking to target new customers by offering mobile versions of their popular product, which lets customers opt into renewable energy sources.

  • Solution

    Understand the key business logic of their product to simplify their mobile versions highlighting Arcadia most powerful product, Smart Rate.

  • Results

    A successful launch of React Native iOS and Android apps, enabling Arcadia to reach a previously inaccessible market segment.

Be where the people are. Arcadia works toward a 100% renewable energy future by making it easy for anyone to choose clean energy sources. Their existing customer base loves the service, but their lack of native apps meant they were missing out on a whole market of potential buyers – Increased adoption and engagement would require a presence in the iOS App and Google Play Stores. Arcadia came to Viget looking for a product partner with the business and technical knowledge to help them navigate this next step.

  • We took the best parts of Arcadia's desktop product and made a mobile version to reach new audiences.
  • Building for the Future.

    Arcadia also wanted to grow their development team, and quickly bring new hires up to speed to maintain and grow their new apps. We worked alongside their React web team to build a mobile app in React Native, matching the native stack to the existing expertise of their team. Before launch, we delivered tailored documentation and hands-on development training to ensure successful handoff to Arcadia's engineers.

  • New Look, Great Benefits.

    To simplify Arcadia's first-ever mobile app, we focused on the parts of their web product with the highest impact on the customer experience, like billing statements, energy usage, account details, and Arcadia's most exciting new product: Smart Rate. Smart Rate enables Arcadia to find the best energy rate available for customers and show them their savings over time. By prioritizing these features, we helped Arcadia launch an app that clearly gives customers the information they need: environmental impact, financial savings, and the product offerings that make Arcadia unique in a rapidly expanding industry.

  • $1.5b

    Arcadia has now achieved the coveted "unicorn" status of a $1b+ valuation.


We used React Native to build a single codebase for Arcadia's first-ever Android and iOS apps, taking the best parts of their web-based products and making them available to a new, previously unavailable market segment.