Scenario Modeling MVP

  • Resolution
  • Challenge

    Turn an entrepreneur's abstract concept for simpler business modeling into a functional tool.

  • Solution

    Build first, iterate later. Our developers worked side-by-side with the founder to bring the idea to life.

  • Results

    A functional proof-of-concept that can be used to launch the founder’s Kickstarter.

Reimagining the spreadsheet. What if there was a simpler, more intuitive way to map out business’s “what-ifs”? This typically falls to spreadsheets - whether modeling a sales funnel, annual budget, or cost cuts. But spreadsheets can be brittle, opaque, and labor-intensive. Nate Sullivan, longtime tech marketing executive, wanted to create a way to model these possibilities without the complicated and rigid system of cells and formulas. What he didn’t know was how to start - or if it was even possible. That’s when he reached out to Viget. Over the course of 6 weeks, we worked with him to turn his complex concept into a simple, yet functional, MVP.

  • Proof of Concept A Build-First Approach

    Our developers worked alongside Nate to quickly understand his vision, hone in on the core functionality needed, and start building. By jumping head first into development, our team was able to quickly find edge cases and iterate until we had the proof of concept Nate was looking for - a functioning tool he could not only continue to build upon, but also use to launch his Kickstarter.


We worked with an early stage entrepreneur to turn his vision of a simpler business modeling tool into reality. Resolution can now approach its supporters on Kickstarter with a clear proof-of-concept.