We've been digging into your code and we really love the way you do things. We're happy that we are getting something that not only looks good on the outside, but the inside as well.

David Valdman Standard Cognition Co-founder

Viget has a unique ability to really understand what makes your business different, and turn that into something that resonates with people.

Nate Sullivan FiscalNote Sr. Director of Marketing

There are very few that manage to pull off the kind of work that Viget does. They were on time, on budget and most important, they didn't cause anyone to lose sleep.

Seth Godin Blogger, Entrepreneur and Author

Our Startups clients include:

  • Standard Cognition
  • FiscalNote
  • Optify
  • GrubMarket
  • Nest Realty

Our Areas of Expertise

Team Extensions

You’ve got a brilliant idea, but you might not have a fully scaled product team. We're used to working with startups at all life-cycle stages. Our experienced teams will partner with you to execute all or some of your idea, speeding up your process, and reducing your execution risk.

Paper Prototyping, Revisited
Paper Prototyping, Revisited
Laura Sweltz, Director of UX Research and Strategic Initiatives

Full Product Build

Our expertise has been honed over the course of 20 years and countless startup projects. Whether you’re trying to get to an MVP or a v2, our team can scale to suit your needs — and even help you define what those needs might be.

What to Expect When Building A Minimum Viable Product (MVP)
Melissa Southern, Former Senior Project Manager

Product Design

In order to appeal to a broad user base, products need a thoughtfully-crafted user experience and visual design. We specialize in creating a flexible design system and UI library that applies across an entire product and can evolve as the product does.

Design Systems: Problems & Solutions
Tom Osborne, Former VP, Design

Our Work