Our Areas of Expertise

Building Components

So much of the work we do, from development all the way through design, is structured around small, focused components organized through composition to form the whole. We love that components and composition are core concepts in React. It fits the way we think about problems and the solutions we craft at every layer of our digital experiences.

Adaptable Applications

We've thrown React at games, editorial content pages, interactive search experiences, surveys, and data visualizations to name a few. We've put React through the wringer and it has proven an effective tool for JS applications both big and small.

Growing the Community

We love React and we're invested in its ongoing growth — both in the framework itself and the community around it. We've contributed to React itself and built our own open source tooling around React (like Microcosm). We've shared our knowledge through our blog as well as hosting and speaking at events about React.

Our Work