Digital Healthcare Partnership

  • Privia
  • Challenge

    Support Privia Health’s wide-ranging needs at different stages of the company’s 10-year (and counting) life cycle.

  • Solution

    Develop a deep understanding of Privia’s evolving challenges, and provide holistic support across business strategy, product, technology, operations, brand, and marketing.

  • Results

    A decade worth of work that helped Privia grow into one of the country’s premier healthcare companies, with more than 2,500 providers transforming care for 2.6 million patients.

Transforming healthcare doesn’t happen overnight. Since Privia Health first approached us as a small startup in 2010, they have been honing their vision for a better healthcare delivery experience. We have been a trusted partner throughout their decade-long evolution into a large national physician organization and leader in value-based care. From launching new products like a telehealth platform, to building tools for internal operations, to revamping branding and messaging, we’ve partnered with Privia on pivotal projects across the business. As a long-term partner, our deep knowledge of the business informs and improves each new project.

  • An image of Privia healthcare product on mobile
  • Product Innovation

    When Privia saw telehealth’s potential for increasing patient access, we vetted technology options, built a proof-of-concept, then designed and built a virtual visits application MVP. When Privia saw an opportunity to improve doctors’ efficiency and mental health by reducing their documentation burden, we built a virtual scribe application MVP. Privia’s technology team has subsequently grown both products into core elements of the business strategy.

  • Business Model Innovation

    When Privia launched in 2010 as a concierge medicine service, we built the application powering the service. As they introduced value-based care strategies several years later, we built an internal-facing application for their new care management team. When they solidified their current business model as a national physician organization, we designed key integration points in the doctor experience between Privia’s proprietary technology and their 3rd-party Electronic Health Record software.

  • Brand Strategy

    As Privia grew into a major player in the healthcare industry, they realized they needed a unifying communication strategy to more effectively reach current and prospective patients, and prospective member doctors — a clear and compelling way to explain who they are, what they do, and why. We worked with their team to discover their core, catalyzing value proposition: that the key to better patient treatment — and better doctors — lies simply in treating patients and doctors better. This strategy, which we called “Be Understood”, served as the basis for the new marketing and corporate sites we created.

  • Operations Design

    As Privia adopted Salesforce for a variety of business operations needs, including an intranet for doctors, we created the intranet UX and design system; defined key workflows; and built out a front-end parts kit in Salesforce’s Lightning Design System.


We helped healthcare startup Privia build the first version of their software, then worked with them to scale that platform into an even more useful, flexible product by researching how actual healthcare managers used it. We also created a new brand strategy for the growing company that communicates to current and prospective patients and doctors that Privia is a place where they will finally “Be Understood.”

See how we helped Privia build a telehealth app that connects patients and doctors for remote appointments.