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Corporate ethics matter. To that end, JUST Capital evaluated the performance of over 900 public companies on the issues Americans care most about. After months of research and number-crunching, JUST Capital collaborated with Viget to unveil their results to the world. We leveraged powerful JavaScript frameworks to deliver a custom interactive visualization that highlights top performers in each industry and inspires users to explore the data for themselves.

  • Challenge

    Create a compelling experience that allows companies and consumers to understand and explore JUST Capital’s corporate rankings.

  • Solution

    Use robust JavaScript frameworks to present JUST Capital’s rigorous dataset in a transparent, interactive visualization.

  • Results

    A unique and engaging visualization system that clearly highlights top-ranked companies and encourages deep exploration.

How we did it.

  • Concepting

    Our visualization standardizes JUST Capital's underlying data, enabling users to compare companies across multiple categories.

  • React

    Using React to render the application made it easy to embed the visualization in JUST Capital’s existing SquareSpace site and follow the user as they explored app, allowing for easy shareability.

  • Testing

    Rigorous automated testing in Nightmare ensured consistent quality across data updates and Squarespace integrations.

  • Having data in hand prior to the project start date allowed us to hit the ground running. We brainstormed concepts pre-kickoff and worked with the JUST team on a highly collaborative whiteboarding session during the project kickoff meeting.

  • Fast, lively animations throughout the explorer encourage user interaction and emphasize transitions such as sorting. Hover states were also valuable and allowed users to easily engage with deeper content without being overwhelmed up front

  • We used the latest version of Microcosm, our data management library for React.  This made loading information and keeping the project organized a cinch.

    We typically use Jest for unit testing our JavaScript code; however, we’ve never been happy with acceptance testing options in the past. Bringing in Nightmare to handle this was a huge win, allowing us efficiently write complicated tests and verify the correctness of our data.

    Acceptance Testing React Apps with Jest and Nightmare
    Nate Hunzaker, Senior Developer
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