Newsletter April 25, 2024

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Making Magic with Seth Godin

Brian Williams

By Brian Williams, Co-Founder & CEO

Constant change is expected in our industry. To thrive, we stay nimble and adapt, but there are a few things we treat as sacred – like trust, relationships, and the commitment to doing good in the world. Fourteen years ago, we had the privilege of working with Seth Godin to help build Squidoo. It was an important milestone in Viget’s history. We aligned well with his commitment to efficient collaboration and pragmatic iteration, and loved working with him and the team he’d assembled. When Seth reached out last fall with a new idea, we were eager to get started.

Seth and his team invented the concept of the Positive Auction, which turns every bid in a fundraising auction into a tax-free donation. This simple idea helps nonprofits raise more money while encouraging donors to spread the word (something Seth knows a lot about) to earn free bids. We were able to quickly translate his ideas into a technical strategy and then build the GOODBIDS V1 in just four months. Seth launched it with a few nonprofit partners just a couple of weeks ago

Our mission is to build a better digital world, and working on innovative platforms like GOODBIDS – which could transform the world of charitable giving for worthy causes – is a remarkable example. 

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Eclipse in Durham

Viget sent everyone eclipse mail — including super-cool glasses for eclipse-viewing. The team enjoyed taking a break to see this rare event.

Screenshot 2024 04 25 at 2 27 53 PM

Need to break the ice or spark alignment across locations? We built with distributed coworkers in mind. Using SvelteKit and PocketBase, we were able to build the app in under 48 hours during Pointless Palooza.


New case study! We worked with AHIP to build an organized and consolidated that led to increases in membership signups, event engagement, and interest in policy issues.

Viget14  Meeting

Next week, the team will gather virtually for Viget24, a time for celebrating big milestones and accomplishments. Here's a throwback pick from Viget14!

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