Brand Strategy and Naming

Finding out how much money your money has. Galven was founded under the original name “CLIMB” by two veteran financial advisors. They built a platform that enabled investors to weed out investments in less-than-desirable industries, and access investing opportunities usually available only to the very wealthy.

When they invited Viget to work with them, the founders and their newly-hired CEO wanted a brand that would let them carve out their own piece of an already-crowded market of investing platforms. Through our strategy, messaging, design, and name, we created a world for Galven investors based on the idea of hidden potential — a place full of the unexpected, the delightful, the slightly other-worldly, and (of course) the lucrative.


We created a brand, identity, and name for a fintech startup, enabling them to appeal to an audience of high-net-worth individuals and pursue their first round of funding.