Webinar: What to Know About Website Personalization

At Viget, we work with companies of all sizes and stages of growth, from startups to nonprofits to enterprise clients, to incorporate personalization into their digital ecosystems. Whether tailoring content to a user’s location, making smart content recommendations, or customizing calls to action, we’ve successfully implemented a variety of personalization tactics.

During this 30 minute webinar, Viget Senior User Experience Designer Melissa Foley shared a presentation on website personalization, covering:

  • What website personalization is and how it works
  • What to keep mind regarding personalization setup, management, and upkeep
  • Different types of personalization and what may make sense for your website

Watch the webinar recording below.

About the Speaker

Along her way into UX design, Melissa’s bachelor’s degree in communications, master’s degree in sports administration, and careers in college athletics and higher education taught her the value of teamwork and lifelong learning.

But the desire to make websites more user-friendly drew her to the digital galaxy. There, she focuses on information architecture and content strategy — and adding to her Boba Fett collection.

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