Hippo Health

Scaling Telehealth

  • Hippo Health
  • Challenge

    Due to the emergence of the novel coronavirus, startup Hippo Health had to respond to 1,200% surge in telehealth users and a renewed need to coordinate with partner providers.

  • Solution

    Reimagine the product from both patient and care provider perspectives, while improving and updating essential aspects of the software, including marketing assets.

  • Results

    An updated on-boarding process designed for their new patients, and a care management platform that enables better communication between providers.

Responding to a crisis. No one was prepared for the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic. Like the rest of the healthcare system, telehealth startup Hippo Health found itself scrambling to help. With an unprecedented rush of new demand – 1,200% in the span of weeks – and a variety of new users types, they needed to scale their product quickly, and ensure they took patients along with them. They came to Viget for a partner with telehealth and UX experience that could help quickly address immediate product scaling challenges and create a user-friendly interface.

  • A Network of Care

    Hippo Health enables doctors’ offices to provide patients with modern telehealth software. As an increasing number of care providers rushed to join their network, Hippo needed to rapidly develop tools central to their vision: a more integrated system for independent healthcare providers to communicate between multiple offices in different practices. Additionally, we designed a referral system that allows care providers to recommend specialists to patients seamlessly within the Hippo platform.

  • UX Updates Can’t Wait

    Before COVID-19, most Hippo Health users opted into digital services and could easily troubleshoot their way through early versions of the app. Now, with 100x the telehealth users, the spectrum of user types is significantly more inclusive, with many less tech-savvy and completely new to video chat. Hippo Health needed a new on-boarding process to account for these users. Viget got to work making immediate, impactful adjustments to the product while simultaneously completing user interviews to inform their new on-boarding process. As a result, doctors are spending less time helping patients with technology and more time helping them with their health.

  • Streamlining the Virtual Visit

    With the number of telehealth patients growing rapidly, physicians were encountering situations where it was necessary to have multiple providers in a single visit with a patient. Viget made adjustments to Hippo's video chat experience to allow for multiple physicians to join a visit with a patient at the same time, like a physical therapist, orthopedic surgeon, and nurse.

  • Increasing Engagement

    As the number of users continued to grow, it was important that Hippo planned for a maintainable future for every angle of their product. We redesigned Hippo Health's marketing along the way, ensuring that the launch of their new website and on-boarding process for providers had updated, modern designs – and reflected the quality of their product itself.

  • "Viget adds immediate value. On day one, they spiked on top priority engineering and design issues, seamlessly integrated with our team, and then quickly helped optimize the most critical flows in our product. Their impact on customers and our business has been huge from the start."

    Jason Sperling Head of Product


We helped startup Hippo Health scale up their telehealth product to answer the influx of demand and new user groups during the COVID19 crisis.