Brand & Product Strategy

  • Swiftdine
  • Challenge

    Help an early stage startup articulate their vision and refine their product.

  • Solution

    Differentiate Swiftdine from their competitors through clear positioning, a strong visual direction, and an improved app experience.

  • Results

    A roadmap for the next phase of their growth and solutions for their most critical barriers to success.

Leveling up. With a beta app in the works, Swiftdine was poised to take the next step but needed direction. The young startup aimed to disrupt the food market by eliminating wait times at fine dining restaurants. They had a prototype and were eager to start bringing users onboard. Our task was to identify and tackle the most critical elements needed to establish their product and company as a serious player in the space.

  • Process Close Collaboration

    We held workshops with the Swiftdine team to ramp up on their product, their company, and their long-term goals. We were able to establish priorities and identify where we could bring them the most value.

  • Product Strategy Auditing the App

    We combed through Swiftdine’s beta app and identified both experiential and technical weak points. The team was given a detailed document they could hand off to future developers and designers.

  • Brand Strategy Building a Trusted Brand

    Early-stage startups often struggle to be taken seriously. They also need to differentiate themselves from competitors in a crowded market. To achieve both, we gave Swiftdine a sophisticated brand identity and a clear way to explain and sell their service.

  • Branding + Identity A New Look and Feel

    We developed a brand strategy that would help them build trust and communicate their values to a wide audience. To support the strategy we also created a new visual direction, including elements such as color, typography, and photography, along with a revised logo that was better suited their new identity.

  • Product Roadmap Direction for the Future

    Swiftdine was building a technical team and needed a plan for improving their beta product. We documented the current state of the app and made detailed UX recommendations for each step of the customer journey.


We helped startup Swiftdine create a new brand and visual identity, and worked with them to define how they can grow their product into the future.