Paid Messaging Platform

  • SwayDM
  • Challenge

    An experienced entrepreneur envisioned a way to help people better manage and monetize their direct messages.

  • Solution

    We completed extensive validation research, talking with real influencers to strategize and define a minimum viable product build.

  • Results

    A tightly-scoped MVP web app that allows users to collect funds using Stripe payments, built on a tech stack designed with growth in mind.

Give the people what they want. An experienced entrepreneur had a big idea for busy people and came to Viget for direction getting started. Together, we laid the foundations for SwayDM, a messaging tool to help people leverage their inboxes for profit. While the SwayDM team was forming, we got started realizing and refining the big vision. In just twelve weeks, we built an MVP and supported its launch to a specific target audience (social media creators/influencers)– with user research, marketing site production, and copywriting. Today, SwayDM is polished, defined, and usable for beta testers and investors.

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  • Give the People What They Want Research and Product Definition

    SwayDM was a compelling idea with a lot of what-ifs. We started with product validation research, conducting moderated customer interviews with social media influencers to more clearly understand which features resonated. Once it was clear there was interest in this product, we worked to develop a data-informed product definition, bringing specificity to the big idea and clarity to the path forward, all while SwayDM recruited its first hires.

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  • Following the Lead Features and Development

    Our team’s speed needed to match SwayDM's enthusiasm. We leveraged Elixir, Phoenix, and LiveView, which allow for lightning-fast HTML renderings without long development time requirements. This combination enabled real-time, concurrent features – perfect for sleek messaging tools – and resulted in an MVP build that’s aesthetically refined. We were also able to quickly and effectively implement complicated payment and withdrawal flows, thanks to a robust integration with Stripe. The scalable foundation we achieved will both encourage early adoption by users and facilitate strong and steady growth over time.

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We helped an experienced entrepreneur launch his vision for a tool that enabled everyone to better leverage their direct messages. The SwayDM team can now approach beta testers and investors with an MVP based on extensive product validation.