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Changing the interface of healthcare. When Privia Medical Group first approached us in 2010, it was a small startup shaking up the healthcare industry. Now, with over $400 million in funding, Privia has become a major player in accountable care — a model that strives to lower costs by keeping patients healthier. Over the past 5 years, we’ve helped Privia build, scale, and evolve its patient care management system to accommodate its tremendous growth, and led a branding and messaging project to help them better communicate Privia’s value to doctors and patients. More recently, we successfully helped Privia advance its goal of providing high-quality, patient-centered care by creating software that allows its care teams to coordinate treatment more effectively.

  • Challenge

    Improve the ability of Privia doctors, nurses, and care teams to provide high-quality, personalized care for higher-risk patients.

  • Solution

    Create a comprehensive and adaptable software solution to improve communication and patient treatment within care teams.

  • Results

    An intuitive client side app that streamlines and improves the Privia health care team’s ability to care for its patients.

How we did it.

  • Research

    We interviewed Privia care managers to better understand their needs, and helped key stakeholders define business goals.

  • Streamlining

    We noticed key inconveniences in the old user interface — like switching back and forth between patient information and notes — and eliminated them via a custom, React-based client-side app inside Privia's existing Rails app.

  • Iterative Development

    We first built an MVP, then implemented the full app as Privia refined its business concepts to align with care team feedback.

  • We implemented the care management team’s current tasks into a single workflow, but we also anticipated growth to the system— we built a flexible interface that allows Privia’s own developers to implement new tasks easily as needs change.

  • Care managers expressed a need to access patient info without losing focus on the task at hand. With our React-based approach, they can now change tabs, fill out forms and select other interactions within the same workflow, all without a refreshing the page or losing their place.

  • We shared our expertise in client-side app development with Privia’s team, and helped them get up to speed on React, providing a foundation for success in the future.

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