• GrubMarket
  • Challenge

    Support the ever-changing needs of a startup as it grows from early stage to mature.

  • Solution

    A collaborative, flexible approach to designing and marketing their product, allowing them to reach their fundraising goals, and adapt to the needs of broader audiences.

  • Results

    Since our work began, GrubMarket has gone from raising $20 million in series B funding to $500 million in series F funding — and now boasts a broader, more engaged customer base than ever.

From seed to bumper crop. When GrubMarket came to us, they had all the needs of every fast-moving startup. Their goal was to drive adoption of their B2C product by developing a strong visual identity, user experience, and design. We helped GrubMarket revamp their existing visual elements and overall experience across all of their platforms to create a consistent, cohesive full package. As a result, GrubMarket was able to raise $20 million in series B funding — and that was just a beginning. Over the years since, they’ve come back to us with a variety of product and brand design challenges as they grew exponentially into the B2B enterprise inventory management space. Now armed with $182 million in series D funding, we continue to help mature their product and strategy in a way that accounts for their entirely new B2B audience.

  • EARLY STAGE GROWTH Starting Strong with B2C

    In the beginning, GrubMarket’s goal was to propel adoption of their B2C product and raise additional funding. To meet these needs, we helped them establish their brand identity and gave them a strong, consistent UI design for the first version of their app.

  • Explorations and final designs of the GrubMarket logo.
  • $20m

    After our brand and design work, GrubMarket raised $20 million in Series B funding.

  • Examples of GrubMarket's native mobile app and B2C marketplace experience.
  • DESIGN A New UI for B2B

    When GrubMarket came back to us, they were facing the problem every startup hopes to face: how to evolve their product to fit a completely new and different use case. To help them pivot from a B2C audience to B2B use cases, we designed their new enterprise app to fit the needs of this new user base.

  • UI designs of GrubMarket's WholesaleWare B2B experience.
  • MARKETING Reaching the New Audience

    But what good is a great new product if your audience doesn’t know it exists? We worked with GrubMarket to implement strategic changes to the user experience of their marketing site, enabling them to reach even more of their B2B audience and fuel additional investment.

  • $2b

    GrubMarket has now achieved the coveted "unicorn" status of a $1b+ valuation.


Spanning years, audiences, and multiple rounds of funding, our work with GrubMarket remains rooted in the fundamental belief in what intuitive UX, smart branding, and strategic development can do for startups at every stage.