Design Pattern Library

  • Shipwell
  • Challenge

    Software startup Shipwell had built a B2B application to optimize freight shipping, but needed product design help to scale and streamline the platform.

  • Solution

    A combination of UX audits and improvements along with a refreshed design aesthetic to improve the user experience and remain on-brand.

  • Results

    A visually-consistent enterprise solution for the freight shipping industry to manage workflows and visualize data efficiently.

Ship it! Software product company Shipwell had developed a platform for managers in the freight shipping industry to centralize all of their information. While the product had the right features to serve their users, the way data was presented needed improvements as the product scaled. We reimagined their user experience, overhauled their user flows and layouts, and created a new and consistent design system for the application.

  • Our UX audit informed a new design scheme for the complex data tables and visualizations in the app.
  • A big part of the project was considering how the many data types would display across a variety of devices.
  • We packaged both the assets, including new iconography, and guidelines for their use into a Google Site — ensuring the Shipwell team can maintain the design over time.


We helped freight shipping software company Shipwell with their enterprise platform by completely redesigning both the user experience and the aesthetic design of the product.