Product Design

  • AppOmni
  • Challenge

    Cybersecurity startup AppOmni needed to reimagine the look and feel of their product as new competitors entered the market.

  • Solution

    Overhaul AppOmni’s design from the ground up while also advancing definition and design for new features.

  • Results

    A modernized design vision that matches the sophistication of AppOmni’s underlying technology.

SaaS with class. Venture-backed startup AppOmni established an early lead in security for SaaS applications with a powerful product that allows security and IT teams to protect and monitor sprawling ecosystems of third-party software. Despite their superior underlying technology, AppOmni needed to evolve the product’s design to maintain their growth and continue to outpace competitors. After raising a $70M Series C, AppOmni engaged Viget to create a new design strategy that would match the sophistication of their technology. Working closely with their CPO, we delivered an aesthetic overhaul and designed new features to support better data visualization, team collaboration, and issue prioritization.

  • The speed and efficiency of cross-team communication is instrumental in managing and responding to organizational threats. We created a unified workspace that allows project teams to monitor threats, clarify outliers, and comment directly on the data all in the same application.
  • Risk mitigation requires a comprehensive understanding of your organization’s environment and a near constant awareness of vulnerabilities. To help customers more easily identify threats, we created a complex node diagram that increases organization-wide visibility to proactively identify risk and prevent compromise.


As a leader in cybersecurity technology, AppOmni needed to reimagine its product’s look and feel as new competitors entered the market. We completed an aesthetic overhaul and designed new features to match the sophistication of AppOmni’s technology.