The Pitch Before Christmas

Kate Trenerry, Client Strategy Director

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A holiday poem inspired by a busy and exciting 2021.

Twas Christmas Eve Eve, when all through the land,

Emails were flying with ideas and plans.

“This year has been wild,” they declared one and all,

“Now let’s build this product, please give me a call.”

I jumped into action to read the request,

And soon Slack was buzzing with vigor and zest.

“This could be just swell,” said Brian and Zach,

But first let’s find out about their tech stack.

I picked up the phone and gave them a ring,

But nobody answered, voicemail was king.

“Hello, this is Kate and we’d love to hear more,

If you get this in time, please call me by four.”

The morning passed swiftly with other behests,

A retro, some contracts, then lunchtime and rest.

My phone started ringing just after one,

They’re calling me back! How exciting, how fun!

It’s a startup that needs both a product and brand,

And the timing is great with Series C now in hand.

This sounds like a fit off the top of my head,

But wait, there’s one wrinkle: the CEO hates red?

“Not a worry,” I said, swiftly pivoting,

“Our brand strategy team will solve this quibbling.”

And as for the user, what would be best?

“Let’s do some research to avoid a big mess.”

When it comes to development, what do you know?

“Our Fed and Dev teams will put on a show,

With Ruby, Elixir, Python, React,

And an accessible front-end we’ve tested and tracked.”

“This all sounds amazing, let’s start right away!”

“Perfect,” I said, “you’ll get contracts today.”

My alarm clock went off with an earsplitting peal,

Too good to be true, my dream Christmas deal!

But it’s not all for naught, there’s plenty to do,

With so much potential for 2022.

So if you’re uncertain, halfhearted, confused,

Take heart and know this: we’ve been in your shoes.

Let’s build something that’s helpful, worthwhile, and fun,

You’ll be proud of the work when it’s all said and done.

Until then, be merry! Spread holiday cheer!

I can’t wait to get started in the new year.

Kate Trenerry

Kate is a client strategy director in our Falls Church, VA, HQ. She helps new clients distill complex ideas into elegant digital experiences.

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