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The Bronx Zoo welcomes over 2 million guests per year. A large and increasing percentage of those visitors purchase their tickets online, particularly on mobile which accounts for more than half of visits to BronxZoo.com. We have worked with them over several years to create an exhaustive, ongoing A/B testing approach to optimize their online ticket and membership sales.

Craig Hospital is a speciality hospital with a specific primary audience: patient caregivers who have just gone through traumatic experiences. Conducting a series of on-site patient interviews allowed us to keep patients' stories and capabilities at top of mind throughout the design process and advocate for site structure and content that best served caregivers.

For our radical responsive redesign of WRAL.com, we took advantage of the site's huge traffic of over 500,000 daily visits to run a series of large-sample, unmoderated remote navigation tests aimed at optimizing the organization and clarity of navigation and search.

Effective communication to prospective students and their parents was vital to the success of the redesigned Undergraduate Admissions site for Duke University. To capture the student perspective, we used ethnographic research by shadowing admissions staff, participating in admissions tours, and attending numerous application-related Q&A sessions.

A critical requirement of our website redesign for Mass General, ranked #1 hospital by U.S. News and World Report in 2015, was validating that our design solutions improved findability and the usability of key actions like choosing a doctor. Several days of in-person usability testing with representative users in Boston helped us build evidence-based consensus for UI changes among a large network of internal stakeholders.

To design a care management application for nurse advisors at Privia Medical Group, we spent time talking with them about how they care for their patients. User interviews and in-context observation gave us a firsthand glimpse into the complexity of nurses’ daily work, which provided clear direction for the application’s design and implementation.

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