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Athlete Community Platform

  • Urū Sports
  • Challenge

    Entrepreneur Ainsley McCallister came to us for help transforming her idea of a networking platform for professional athletes into a clickable, user-informed MVP.

  • Solution

    We completed a two-phase sprint, focusing first on launching the highest priority features, and then refining the app based on real user feedback.

  • Results

    Today, the Urū Sports team can approach investors with a fully-functioning web app, rooted in the feedback of real users.

Fast on Your Feet. All-American field hockey player Ainsley McCallister came to us with an idea to transform the global community of professional athletes. Together, in just twelve weeks, we built the Urū Sports Platform, which enables players to stay in touch and explore employment opportunities worldwide. Our rapid build of this MVP helped Ainsley transform her idea into a usable web app, allowing investors to see her vision more clearly and users to test and influence the platform.

  • Quality Build, Done Quickly

    Getting their MVP to market quickly was a top priority for the Urū team. We helped them prioritize scope, determining the most impactful features for investors and users, and then got building in order to reach their aggressive twelve-week timeline. For a slick, fast-paced build, we used Rails, Turbo, Stimulus, and Tailwind UI. This tech stack allowed us to design, build, and iterate features quickly, with the added perk of easy maintenance over time.

    Fancy Form Modals with Rails + Turbo
    Eli Fatsi, Former Development Director

  • Give-And-Go

    We split the project into two phases. For the first seven weeks, we focused on building a simplified but polished, fully-functional MVP. We put this version of the web app in front of users for testing and feedback, which informed the remaining five weeks of our sprint. This empowered the Urū team to make data-informed decisions on which features to invest in during the second phase. We spent the remainder of our engagement building, testing, and releasing updates to their users. As a result, Urū can now approach investors with an MVP rooted in user input.

  • Urū came to us with early concepts of their app screens. We cleaned these up and connected the missing gaps from more granular user flows, like adding posts to group pages.


As an early stage startup, quickly launching polished and performant software allowed the Urū team to confidently onboard new users and demonstrate tangible progress to investors.