Pura Scents

Smart Fragrance Dispenser

  • Pura Scents
  • Challenge

    Hardware startup Pura had a concept for an internet-connected fragrance dispenser, but needed software experts to write the firmware required to control the device.

  • Solution

    Combine software development expertise with thoughtful product management to help the client team and their partners bring the dispenser to life.

  • Results

    An efficient design and development sprint leading to a market-ready smart device that combines multiple lights, sensors, and fragrance vials with internet-connected software.

Smart Scents. Pura Scents, a startup specializing in fragrance diffusers, wanted to wow customers with a new device that combined their established aesthetic quality with internet-of-things software functionality. From prototype to production, we collaborated with Pura and their partners to animate their connected device with intelligent firmware while rearchitecting their app. Our previous IoT work positioned us well to lead Pura and their partners through stakeholder feedback, beta tests, and hardware revisions to ensure we built the best product for both customers and company.

  • Execution A Truly Collaborative Effort

    Pura collaborated with distributed teams across the globe. We enjoyed a central role corralling consensus and working with their partners to architect fleet management and product systems that were closely bound with device firmware. Our goal was to ensure their first connected product avoided the common pitfalls that plague IOT startups throughout prototype and production.


We leveraged our experience building internet-connected hardware to help startup Pura create their newest fragrance device. We both developed the firmware that controls the device and led the redevelopment of its entire digital ecosystem, shepherding partners through the product management process with speed and know-how. The result is a market-ready IoT device that brings both smarts and scents.

Areas of Expertise