Video Game Commerce Platform

  • Overflow Labs
  • Challenge

    Video game software startup Overflow had a high-level technical approach for its gaming commerce product, but needed to take the next step forward.

  • Solution

    A collaborative approach to product discovery, design, and development, allowing them to build for their target audience and make progress on fundraising goals.

  • Results

    A V1 product that will serve as a strong foundation for continued growth.

Game on. When we first heard from Overflow, a video game software startup, they were a year into concepting a product to securely manage game economies — the creating, selling, and trading of digital items. While they had made good progress, their technical architecture and initial wireframes were largely centered around a secondary audience, game players. Through smart design and strategic development, we worked with Overflow to transform their ideas into a tangible reality that meets the needs of actual customers — game developers — and is demonstration-ready for prospective investors. 

The collaboration began with rapid design-as-discovery, emphasizing exploration and fast-moving low-fidelity work to help define the overall architecture of the platform. Our development team worked closely with Overflow’s CTO to land on a phased release approach that allowed us to decouple game dependencies. 

  • UI mockup showing 6 digital futuristic/western items for sale, along with prices.
    Envisioned as a secure, scalable, and modular solution, Overflow’s platform serves as the canonical store for valuable in-game items.
  • Night vision goggles above carousel of other futuristic/western items. "Select which token you'd like to use: #421 Night Vision Goggles NFT" "Select your price: 3.00 USD"
    The platform features a flexible API connecting games, external admin UIs, and player-facing marketplaces.
  • UI mockups showing a marketplace with items for sale and the creation of a sale that would be listed on the marketplace.
    Overflow's economy management system enables game developers to create digital assets and currencies.
  • Collage of UI components, including ownership records, token details for a sheriff's badge item, account balances, and a warehouse.
    Our team created data architectures that are compatible with both Web2 and Web3 systems.


We worked closely with Overflow to turn their concepts into a well-designed, well-architected product intended for their primary audience, game developers. With a first release of their game commerce management product in hand, Overflow is well-positioned for continued growth.