• Challenge

    Brand, design, and develop a social booking app for influencers.

  • Solution

    Combine strategy and branding with an MVP development approach to create a product that resonates and scales easily.

  • Results

    An elegant app that easily connects key influencers with their audience.

Wasted time is wasted opportunity, and influencers find themselves with downtime surrounding their travel every day. The founders of Konfab imagined a world where anyone could monetize this downtime by connecting directly with the fans and followers who want to meet them. Viget was tasked with differentiating the Konfab product, establishing their brand, and developing a complete booking platform from the ground up. Using an MVP approach, we produced a branded product for Konfab — which was ready for both users and investors — in just 3.5 months.

  • Process Users as a Feature Driver

    We focused on defining and prioritizing the feature set for the MVP up front, allowing the developers to focus on only critical, high-priority features. In under 10 weeks of development, we were able to deliver a fully functional product with a strong foundation that can be expanded upon based on real user feedback.

  • Branding & Strategy A New Voice for a New Brand

    Viget identified an early need for a clearly defined voice. Lightweight brand strategy exercises allowed us to isolate their identity without requiring an additional phase of work and delaying launch.

    Does My Design Project Need a Strategy?
    Ally Fouts, Former Creative Director

  • User Experience An Action-Oriented UI

    Since booking meetings is the primary action that we need users to take on the site, we wanted to make that process as seamless as possible. Scheduling functionality can quickly become complex. Meetings can be requested, confirmed, rejected, canceled, expired, and completed — just to name a few states. We focused on understanding the end-to-end user flows to ensure that we structured the data in a way that would account for all possible scenarios.

  • Everyone we have talked to since launch about investing in or joining the platform has unanimously said it’s a ‘badass intuitive site’.

    Kevin Elkmann Konfab Co-Founder
  • Development The Best Tools for the Job

    Industry-standard tools, like Ruby on Rails, HTML, and JS were precisely the right technologies for this application. The technical infrastructure utilizes only truly necessary components, making the application easier to scale and maintain.

  • 3.5

    Using an MVP approach, Viget produced a full brand and product for Konfab, ready for users and investors, in just 3.5 months.


We helped booking platform startup Konfab build and brand their product with an MVP approach, with an eye to how its new look and voice would complement and enhance the product experience.