Product & Marketing

  • Challenge

    Partner with K2P to launch their first in-house project within a condensed time period.

  • Solution

    Leverage on-site collaboration and quick, iterative research and design work to get K2P’s team on track in a matter of weeks.

  • Results

    A web-based system for educating cardiologists, built on sound research, flexible design, and ready for launch in weeks.

Ready in a heartbeat. When K2P came to us, they were on the cusp of launching their first in-house product: a knowledge base for cardiologists. They had a strong development team but couldn’t put them to work without a well-planned, well-researched product design. Our years of experience allowed us to assess their needs and get started without wasting any time. By shifting our research to on-site work with their cardiologists, we were able to work quickly to create a functional and attractive UI design for the knowledge base.

  • Testing 1, 2, 3...4 Research and User Testing

    We took a uniquely intensive approach to our research, choosing to conduct on-site interviews with our clients. This allowed us to gain an intimate understanding of their needs — and to do it quickly. We brought this same approach to the prototyping phase, evaluating and modifying each of the four versions of the UI with a round of user testing.

  • Stand-Out Usability Visual Design

    The design we created upheld K2P’s current style standards, providing cardiologists with a clean, intuitive platform. Usability was important, and we also wanted to make sure content could be displayed in a way that would differentiate them from competitors. We helped K2P put their own spin on content display, which also built flexibility into the site.


Through a combination of experience, on-site collaboration, and smart, flexible design, we helped K2P launch their first in-house product in the timeframe they needed, and equipped them with the tools to maintain and grow their knowledge base.