Product Design System

  • CyberGRX
  • Challenge

    Create consistency in CyberGRX’s sophisticated new security review product, and provide a cohesive platform for ongoing feature development.

  • Solution

    Work with CyberGRX’s product managers and developers to revamp the product’s visual components in a way that would allow for future iterations.

  • Results

    A consistent, cohesive platform equipped with a scalable design system that would assist CyberGRX with ongoing feature development.

Let’s be consistent. GV backed cyber security startup CyberGRX came to us with an early iteration of a sophisticated security review product, but without an internal UX/Design team to guide its visual look or ensure consistency across the platform. We teamed up with their product managers and developers to revamp the overall look and feel of the product, and documented our efforts in a scalable design system to be deployed by the CyberGRX team. Following the initial design system effort, we have continued to collaborate with their product team, tackling high-priority features ahead of new releases while helping to ensure the platform complements a refined set of business goals.

Areas of Expertise