Local Advice

  • Challenge

    Revitalize community discussions and bring that engagement back to the forefront of Couchsurfing city pages.

  • Solution

    Expand on the original discussions experience to create more focused ways for community members to get advice from local community members.

  • Results

    Rapidly designed, built, and launched new features for travelers to ask for travel advice from local members and share favorite places in the cities they visit.

Go where the locals go. Years before Airbnb, adventurous travelers were finding lodging with locals around the world through the travel community site Couchsurfing. With a new platform powering the site, Couchsurfing was looking for new ways to help travelers explore the cities in which they’re staying. Drawing on our own staff’s passion for travel, Viget helped concept, design, and build multiple new features for Couchsurfing’s city pages and user profiles.

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  • Feature SprintsSprints for Speedy, Focused Progress

    We started with a short 2 week sprint, then moved into more rounds of sprints with the Couchsurfing team. Isolating features into sprints meant usable, testable progress was made rapidly and could be iterated on later.


When Couchsurfing was looking for fresh ways to help travelers explore new cities, Viget helped concept, design, build, and launch new features for travelers to ask for advice from locals and share favorite places they found. Our features help build the Couchsurfing community online, while travelers have more interesting trips offline.

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