• Challenge

    Empower 50-somethings to start saving more for their retirement.

  • Solution

    Create a planning resource people will enjoy using, featuring easy-to-answer questions in an approachable format.

  • Results

    A 3-minute conversation with a friendly chatbot provides a personalized set of retirement action items.

Retirement advice doesn’t have to be complicated. According to AARP, 3 out of 4 Americans between 55 and 64 have less than $30K saved for retirement. Finding a creative way to address that sobering statistic was the challenge brought to us by the Ad Council and AARP.  We needed a more positive and engaging way to empower 50-somethings to save, so we nixed the often grim and impersonal financial calculators and instead created an approachable retirement chatbot named Avo. Avo guides users through 3 minutes of delightful animations and easy-to-answer questions, ultimately providing a personalized set of the Top 3 Action Items each user can take to get his or her retirement on track.

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We successfully partnered with the Ad Council and AARP to provide retirement planning tips that are clear, personalized, and actionable, using an interactive chatbot experience that is fun, approachable, and delightfully unexpected.

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