Announcing the Viget Book of CMS

Dave Schools, Former Digital Strategist

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An ebook to help you choose the right content management system for your organization.

Since our founding in 1999, we’ve worked with many content management system (CMS) projects. We’ve designed and built many types, from custom multi-site Rails-based CMSs to Wordpress sites to Craft-and-Shopify hybrid sites. We’ve learned a few things and while we’ve shared our experience along the way, we decided to put together an ebook with everything we know about CMSs for you to have.

We’re excited to announce the Book of CMS, our first-ever published ebook.

The 72-page ebook is a comprehensive guide to help you choose a content management system. With dozens of examples and a highly visual format, the Book of CMS was written to help you make a well-informed decision for the right CMS for your organization.

Over seven authors from our team contributed to the ebook, addressing a wide range of important topics including off-the-shelf solutions vs. custom-built CMSopen source vs. proprietaryWordpress vs. other solutionsCMS securityecommerce, and support.

The ebook also has seven case studies that feature stories about why and how various organizations chose their CMSs.

“This book brings together the collective experience we’ve gained — and shared — over the years into a single source,” said Viget CEO Brian Williams. “I’m excited for you to learn more about one of our favorite areas of work in which strategy, design, and engineering come together to produce great results.”

Download your copy of the Book of CMS here.

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