GoPole’s products are quite literally built for adventure. Their custom accessories for the GoPro camera are for athletes who not only want to get extreme with their sports, but who want to record it too. With an enviable collection of photography that shows off their products in action, it became our mission to find a way to translate that collection into a photo-foward, animation-rich website. We made GoPole’s products move almost as much as their customers do through some unique technical solutions that  bring an impressive amount of moving imagery to screens of all sizes.

  • Challenge

    Create an e-commerce site that reflects GoPole’s unique brand, connects with their audience, and keeps pace with their rapid organizational growth.

  • Solution

    Build with the extreme sports enthusiast in mind: convey the functionality and adaptability of GoPole products through an engaging and demonstrative shopping experience.

  • Results

    A responsive and animation-rich e-commerce site built on a combination of Craft and Shopify that lead to 68% growth in pageviews and improved engagement among both desktop and mobile visitors.

How we did it.

  • Visual Design

    The wealth of photographs taken with GoPole products helped us create a photography-focused site that highlights products in action.

  • Front-End Development

    With significant mobile site traffic and photography-focused design, the team made handling image swapping for smaller viewports a priority. When we couldn’t find the right image-handling tool for the task, we wrote our own.

  • Analytics

    An early review of site analytics revealed that a third of visits came from mobile devices; activity heat maps showed that users engaged heavily with photography.

  • User-Experience Design

    Informed by analytics, our team designed an experience appropriate for both mobile and desktop.

  • Craft gave us the flexibility GoPole needed to support a growing brand and site, but it lacked the necessary shopping features. To solve this problem we wrote our own Craft/Shopify plug-in. We built e-commerce pages on Shopify and leveraged the Shopify API to integrate them into Craft.

    Integrating Craft & Shopify
    Trevor Davis, Senior Front-End Developer
  • GoPole’s audience is adventurous and active. A photo library of GoPole products in action — including a variety of crowd-sourced images — was key to creating a photo-rich experience that communicated the product lifestyle.

  • To understand the products, you need to see how they move. Our close collaboration inspired a cross-team solution: animation modules within Craft that could be applied to any product image to create a motion effect.