Wildlife Conservation Society


120 years in the making. Since 1895, the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) has worked to protect the world’s wildlife and wild places. Our partnership with WCS was entering its second year — following our creation of the groundbreaking 96 Elephants campaign and our redesign of their five zoo facility sites — when we turned our attention to WCS.org. To help WCS project their status as a world-class conservation organization, we had already introduced a bold new branding approach to photography and design. The reimaging of WCS.org was the perfect opportunity to use this new aesthetic to showcase WCS’s global mission.

  • Challenge

    Redesign WCS.org using a new brand aesthetic and audience-focused structure to more effectively share mission and attract supporters.

  • Solution

    Use the flexibility of the Rails CMS we developed to for WCS’s zoo facility sites to create customized pages that catalyze individual audiences through strong new visual language.

  • Results

    A modern digital platform that tells a unique organizational story and inspires audience engagement, leading to 17% growth in end-of-year giving.

How we did it.

  • Visual Exploration

    We explored several visual design directions to find a solution that could represent the diverse aspects of the organization — from the on-the-ground programs, to serious advocacy, to vibrant cause-focused campaigns.

  • Complex Experience Design

    The site’s page structure and information architecture was designed for maximum messaging and content flexibility to cater to multiple target audiences.

  • Expanding a Platform

    We leveraged the Rails-based CMS we created for WCS’s five zoo and aquarium sites to add tools and functionality that could support the organization’s publishing needs and multi-site content management.

  • Applying our new brand aesthetic to the flagship organizational site allows WCS to express a bolder, more inspiring point of view as it connects with its varied constituency. This aesthetic is complimented by a new WCS logo that was designed by our friends at Pentagram.

  • We designed the site’s page and content structure to align to a user, rather than organizational, point of view. This helped us address the diverse needs of specific target audiences such as new visitors, supporters, and advocates.

  • We developed "zones" within the site architecture and back-end infrastructure that had their own unique style sheets, which allowed us to design seemingly custom, audience-tailored pages within an easily-manageable CMS admin experience.

  • Work
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