Future Me

How do you inspire people to take control of their financial wellness and start planning for retirement? How do you advise people in a way that’s interesting and in a way that doesn’t make people feel overwhelmed? These were the questions we asked when financial company Morningstar challenged us to create a joint-marketing campaign with their HelloWallet division that would propel users to engage with the daily financial planning and retirement services available via Morningstar through users’ employers.

  • Challenge

    Make financial wellness, daily budgeting, and retirement planning feel like issues that are real enough and urgent enough to inspire user action.

  • Solution

    Use easy-to-answer questions to help people imagine their futures, starting with the easier-to-picture immediate future, and moving out from there.

  • Results

    A campaign that gets users thinking about, and acting upon, their financial futures through questions that are quick, relevant, and even a bit fun.