Counter Culture Coffee


  • Counter Culture Coffee
  • Challenge

    A business ready to open a second location and change their fulfillment process, held back by their software.

  • Solution

    Observe where existing software needed repair, rather than a complete overhaul.

  • Results

    More production space, more beans shipped, and more cups filled.

Coding for a better cup of coffee. Masters of coffee bean roasting, Counter Culture Coffee’s fulfillment software facilitates order processing, beyond what paper or a spreadsheet could accomplish. Having a centralized data store for the orders in the Durham, NC facility allowed roasters, baggers, and shippers to work from the same set of data. However, this inhibited Counter Culture’s growth and prevented them from opening a second roasting location. A transition of their fulfillment software, Arabacus, allowed their roasters in both facilities to get back to doing what they do best: making delicious beans.

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  • ResearchOn-Site Visits

    We observed coffee roasters, baggers, and shippers preparing orders in-person to gain insight into the day-to-day workflow of Counter Culture Coffee. Beginning with user-centered research, we designed and developed app functionality rooted in real needs.

  • DevelopmentCode Audit

    Instead of building from scratch, we opted to fix the foundation of their existing app. We began this process by conducting an in-depth audit of the codebase to search for areas of improvement and correct deficiencies.

  • Client CollaborationWorking Iteratively Together

    Rolling out iterative updates allowed Counter Culture to try out the app on the production floor and request features as needed. This collaborative relationship allowed us to build the perfect features for them — nothing more, nothing less.


By working to understand the ins and outs of how Arabacus was used, we were able to improve its capabilities without causing upheaval on the floor. The addition of features like real-time order tracking allowed for beans to be bagged and shipped when ready instead of at the end of the day.  This ultimately led to more space on the roasting floor and more efficient use of packaging time. Counter Culture can now focus more on coffee and less on shipping.

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