Counter Culture Coffee

Order Fulfillment Software

  • Counter Culture Coffee
  • Challenge

    Help one of the most well-respected names in coffee roasting improve their manufacturing efficiency.

  • Solution

    Rework the backend code of Counter Culture’s existing software and create features designed to accelerate order processing.

  • Results

    Order fulfillment software that created faster packaging, shipping, and tracking, while supporting Counter Culture’s continued expansion.

Coding for quicker coffee. As experts in coffee roasting, Counter Culture Coffee processes huge numbers of orders each day. They needed fulfillment software that would be consistent across multiple facilities and allow them to become more efficient as demand grew. Using research and a thorough understanding of the company’s processes, we revamped the back-end code of their existing software, Arabacus. We also built in new pages and flows, resulting in software that created more efficiency and supported Counter Culture’s changing needs.

  • User Research Watch and Learn

    To fully understand Counter Culture’s day-to-day workflow, we spent time observing their coffee roasters, baggers, and shippers prepare orders. This allowed us to identify opportunities where Arabacus could increase the team’s efficiency. We met these needs by leveraging user-centered research to design and develop app functionality.

  • Manufacturing Software Fast Tracking

    With a new roasting location about to open, Counter Culture decided to change its manufacturing process to a “Pick-and-Pack” system. In order to maximize the effectiveness of this approach, we built real-time tracking into Arabacus. Team members at each stage of the process were able to track the status of the roasting, packaging, and labeling.

  • Client Collaboration A Growing Culture

    Counter Culture wanted to use Arabacus across its facilities. We added functionality that allowed data to be scoped to individual locations, making it easy for both of Counter Culture’s roasting operations to use the same system.


We helped Counter Culture increase efficiency without learning a new software. Working within their existing system, we made strategic upgrades to their back end code and introduced tools that allowed them to integrate with new facilities.