Bravo Wellness

Campaign Strategy

  • Bravo Wellness
  • Challenge

    Reposition Bravo’s employee wellness program to appeal to HR professionals in healthcare and blue collar workplaces.

  • Solution

    Shift the definition of workplace wellness from something that helps people “get fit” to something that helps people “stay strong.”

  • Results

    A digital campaign that engaged HR professionals across multiple touchpoints and helped them redefine what a successful employee wellness program looks like.

Staying strong. What do you think about when you think about employee wellness programs? Kale smoothies and yoga, probably — along with a healthy (or unhealthy) dose of buzzwords about well-being and self-care. And while this approach might work for people with 9-5 desk jobs, Bravo knew it would not work for their audience of HR professionals working in healthcare and blue collar industries. Bravo’s approach to workplace wellness is rooted in what their audience really needs: not another life-changing protein shake, but the ability to maintain the things you value in your life and work.

The campaign strategy and digital campaign we created for Bravo enabled them to engage their audience across multiple touchpoints, from campaign sites, to digital ads, email, and animation.


We created a full-scale digital campaign for Bravo that allowed them to rebrand workplace wellness for their target audience of healthcare and blue collar professionals.