Baby Bookie

Place your bets, baby. Here at Viget, we love babies. Company-wide, we have over 45 Vige-babies (and counting!) We also love competition. We’ve all used emails or sticky notes on large posterboards to guess arrival date and birth weights, because there just wasn’t a good way to play the classic baby pool guessing game online. Ahead of our second Pointless Corp Weekend, the HQ team wanted to find a way for family, friends, and the whole dang Internet to have some fun guessing a baby's arrival date. Because what’s better than being pregnant? Being right.  

  • Challenge

    Bring the spectator angle to following along a family member or friend’s pregnancy.

  • Solution

    Create a fun, accessible, online version of everyone’s favorite baby shower game.

  • Results

    We built a responsive site for baby pools that has grown to a community of over 80,000 baby guessing users. Expecting a baby? Know a friend who is? Think you can predict the day and time Snooki will have hers? Baby Bookie is for you.

How we did it.

  • Started with a weekend and an idea…

    We had a team of 12 committed to the weekend at Viget HQ. That's a lot of people to coordinate — but when there's a clear deadline, everyone knows their role and enjoys working together, and excessive egos are nonexistent, there's very little people-coordination needed.

  • And we didn’t give up on it.

    Although some Pointless Weekend projects are abandoned after launch, we stuck with Baby Bookie. We made incremental changes over time to introduce new features and branding.

  • User feedback.

    Before we took on the new and improved Baby Bookie, we listened to what our users had to say. Rather than the original calendar view, we defaulted to a more traditional list that made the guesses more scannable, something that our users wanted.

  • Branding evolved.

    We found over time that mothers and their friends were our primary audience, rather than fathers or people who just like to bet, so we updated the branding to a softer, more contemporary look.

  • When looking at user behavior, we found that many pools were abandoned. In addition to some simple UI changes, we created a "Pool Godparents" feature where users can assign a "back-up" admin to assist in managing the pool. This is particularly helpful if you are busy with the new demands of parenthood, but would love for a grandmother, best friend or uncle to help out in completing the pool and crowning a pool winner.

  • Often asked how we determined a winner, we added a more transparent scoring system. Our scoring for each guess is weighted on a 100pt scale with 65% of the score based on date and time, 25% on correct gender, 5% on height and 5% on weight. The closer you are to the actual specs of the little one in these categories, the higher your point total within each category.

  • All too often nowadays we see informal birth announcements via Facebook and Twitter. We thought to provide our users with an announcement page, a quick way to announce the birth with a simple, elegant, and sharable design.