Aylo Health Website

  • Aylo Health
  • Challenge

    Aylo Health needed to launch a website that reflected its new brand ahead of opening more locations.

  • Solution

    We conducted audience research and user testing to create a site that reflects Aylo’s brand both in its design and user experience.

  • Results

    A new website that emphasizes customer service and patient convenience with more personalized access to healthcare information.

A better type of healthcare. Aylo Health, formerly Eagles Landing Health, was founded with the vision to redefine the relationship between patients and primary care providers. With a core network of clinics established in the Atlanta-metro area, Eagles Landing Health was ready to expand. As they prepared to open more offices and reintroduce themselves as Aylo Health, we began planning for a new website. Guided by audience research and user testing, the website, like Aylo, puts an emphasis on customer service and patient convenience. The site provides easier access to important healthcare information and integrates with Aylo’s new patient portal to provide a personalized experience.

  • Mother and daughter hugging encapsulated within the stylized Aylo mark
  • The Aylo Difference

    The relaunched site, built in WordPress, includes a custom Salesforce integration to provide easier access to a new patient portal and scheduling tool. We paired these technical upgrades with patient-first features that were informed by user research — for example, search tools for finding providers and office locations and an "Aylo Difference" page to make clear Aylo's commitment to transforming the patient-provider relationship.

  • Two viewports showing sections from the homepage and find a provider pages
  • Some of the custom illustrations we created to represent Aylo's services.
  • Personalized Healthcare

    The website's custom integration with Salesforce allowed us to leverage HIPAA-compliant patient information for personalized features throughout the site.


As Aylo Health prepared to expand with a new name, brand, and more locations, we launched a website that reflects the healthcare company’s commitment to customer service and patient convenience.