Ad Council

The Real Deal on Fentanyl

  • Ad Council
  • Challenge

    Design websites to inform two very different audiences, youth and their parents, of the dangers and prevalence of fentanyl.

  • Solution

    A single, flexible information architecture and site structure that allows for messaging and visual design customization.

  • Results

    Two visually and tonally distinct mobile-first campaign sites that support a national campaign, backed by the White House, to raise awareness among youth and their parents.

One campaign, two audiences. In 2020, 76% of drug deaths in people ages 14-23 involved fentanyl, but few people realize that they or their loved ones could be at risk. To raise awareness about the danger and prevalence of fentanyl, The Ad Council launched a national campaign, backed by the White House, intended to reach two groups that are often at odds: youth and their parents. Working with different sponsors and stakeholders for each marketing campaign, Viget designed two mobile-first websites with entirely different design and messaging, but aligned on a common goal: preventing deaths from fentanyl use.

  • An authentic sketchbook aesthetic and gritty old internet look and feel seek to make taboo messaging approachable to teens in The Real Deal on Fentanyl campaign led by JOAN creative agency and Peter Dommermuth. All web design assets and site are designed Viget, copywriting and editing by the Ad Council and Lisa Beebe.
  • Designing from a single template allowed for variation in design to engage different audiences.
  • The microsite extends Meta’s campaign direction, “Drop the F Bomb with Your Kids” by implementing a visually loud and bold web design that subverts the stigma around talking about fentanyl and encourages parents to become unapologetic harm reduction advocates.


Ad Council approached Viget to develop a digital home for their fentanyl awareness campaign, resulting in two sites with distinct visual and messaging styles, each targeting a specific audience.