COVID-19 Vaccine Education Initiative

We’ve become a trusted partner for the Ad Council by providing both creative vision and resourcefulness to digital experiences for a number of their public awareness campaigns. This time, we stepped up for one crucial task: Get the facts around the COVID-19 vaccines to the public. Working alongside partners including the COVID Collaborative, Apple, Walmart, Google, Verizon, and others, this communications effort is designed to drive engagement at, an FAQ-style website that answers common questions about the COVID-19 vaccines with no-nonsense information supported by the CDC. Additionally, a series of tailored toolkits provide specific content for leaders and non-profits to support and educate their communities around the COVID-19 vaccines.

  • COVID-19 Vaccine FAQ Website
    Alongside the Ad Council and COVID Collaborative, we created a COVID-19 vaccine FAQ site and a series of toolkits for community leaders to leverage.
  • Critical Information, Critical Timeline

    We worked alongside research, media, and advocacy partners to iteratively transform a bare-bones Q&A site into a more intuitive, human guide to the COVID-19 vaccines. Following our initial launch, we conducted user research to understand how low-confidence users were responding to the site, evaluate trust and comprehension, and craft a roadmap for iterative improvements. Rooted in the realities of communication challenges and the constant stream of new information, the site will continue to evolve to include the most up-to-date facts for a growing audience. The site is currently available in seven languages.

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  • Pages for a variety of audiences
  • Building the Toolbox

    "It’s Up to You” is a multi-faceted communications initiative intended to ensure the American public has answers to all their COVID-19 vaccine questions. This includes traditional advertising and grassroots efforts that enable leaders to empower their communities with the latest COVID-19 vaccine information through tailored toolkits. Whether it’s a church group or the NAACP, these kits are designed to support a variety of campaign assets, communicate upcoming events, and respond to findings from iterative research. The toolkits will provide timely information to help on-the-ground leaders improve confidence and provide actionable next steps for getting the COVID-19 vaccine to the public.

  • We built an initial toolkit using modular components, which allowed us to scale and customize this foundation into 5 separate resources, tailored to specific audiences.
  • Ad Council COVID-19 Vaccine toolkit


We helped the Ad Council and COVID Collaborative launch two resources during the COVID-19 crisis: an FAQ-style website to help Americans get informed about the COVID-19 vaccines, and a series of toolkits for leaders to share with their communities.