The Team

We provide a cross-disciplined core team who will collaborate directly with you while tapping the collective knowledge, experience, and insight of everyone at Viget as needed. 

The Process

Each project is unique and we work with you to determine the optimal process and deliverables for your organization. But every sprint and intensive has some common characteristics.

Exploration. What is your product? How do you define it? We'll guide you through an eye-opening process to unlock a new world of possibilities. The goal is to explore a broad range of viable solutions before making directional decisions.

Prototyping. We're experts in mocking up just-real-enough versions of products. These prototypes allow the team to experience their design ideas first-hand and test with customers.

Validation. How close are we to a great product? Through prototype testing and qualitative customer feedback, we can figure out where we hit the mark and where opportunities exist for further improving the product going forward.