COVID-19 Vaccine Finder

  • Project Beacon
  • Challenge

    The state of Massachusetts lacked a clear way for citizens to find available vaccine locations and appointments.

  • Solution

    Working closely with MA and Project Beacon, we built a website in the state's design system that made finding vaccine locations and available appointments easier.

  • Results

    An easy-to-use tool that makes finding an appointment for a COVID-19 vaccine easier for the citizens of MA.

Answering the call.

The process for scheduling a COVID-19 vaccine has been challenging across the United States. With ever-changing eligibility information, incredibly high demand, and a limited supply of information and resources, the vaccine rollout process has come with a growing list of difficulties. Project Beacon approached us with a new COVID-19 challenge: quickly create a tool that would source state-wide COVID-19 vaccine locations and availability in one, easy-to-navigate site.

  • Our goal was to quickly launch a solution to help residents of MA obtain their COVID-19 vaccination.
  • Leveraging existing data.

    We set to work within our given constraints, building scrapers to pull data from many different vaccine location sources: retail pharmacies, state-supported mass-vaccination sites, and more, all while building within the state design system. We prioritized two main features: vaccine availability and proximity to the user’s current location. Ultimately, this app provides a single place for users to see which vaccine sites have recent availability and are most convenient to them, all designed in line with Massachusetts’s vast library of digital properties.


We once again worked alongside Project Beacon and the state of Massachusetts to quickly build a website that allows users to easily locate COVID-19 vaccine sites in Massachusetts.