What’s on the Horizon for UI and JS?

Solomon Hawk, Senior Developer,

Nathan Schmidt, Senior UI Developer,

Henry Bley-Vroman, Former Senior UI Developer,

Nick Telsan, Developer,

Andrew Thomas, Former JavaScript Developer,

Chris Manning, Development Director,

Jeremy Frank, Former UI Development Director, and

Nathan Long, Senior UI Developer

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The Viget UI and JS developers are always looking ahead. Here are some exciting things we’re keeping our eyes on.

A unified development toolkit for the web

Newer JS frameworks advancing modern ideas like partial hydration, islands architecture, minimizing JS sent to browsers, edge rendering, and more

End-to-end type-safe APIs powered by tRPC, and the recent v10 release

Remix, and a realignment back towards web standards in JS frameworks

Data loading and actions in the new React Router v6.4, lifted from Remix, the end of "spinnerpocalypse"?

Meta-frameworks delivering features based around React Server Components, making SSR more performant and accessible while shipping less JS to users

Astro and the Q4 Roadmap including per-page static vs server, Vitest support

HTML "extensions" that bring new power and expressiveness to structured documents with minimal developer and runtime overhead

Small-footprint DOM API-based reactivity libraries

Zero (or minimal) runtime CSS-in-JS

The death of webpack (with love and respect), and the rise of esbuild and Vite

RedwoodJS post-1.0 roadmap

JetBrains next-gen IDE Fleet

Codux, a React IDE

Bun, a fast all-in-one JS runtime

Ongoing improvements and new features in Prisma

A class of excellent tools for managing monorepos

Tools that make managing cross-platform containerized local development easier

The latest version of Storybook, including support for using vite as a bundler

Advancements in web component ergonomics

The arrival of modern JS capability in the static-first space

The latest release of GSAP (GreenSock Animation Platform)

New features coming to CSS

Polishing atomic CSS (not new, but still great)

Reimagining atomic CSS

Better tools for web animation

Advent of Code 2022

Solomon Hawk

Solomon is a developer in our Durham, NC, office. He focuses on JavaScript development for clients such as ID.me. He loves distilling complex challenges into simple, elegant solutions.

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Nathan Schmidt

Nathan is a Senior UI Developer in Colorado. He loves applying creative thinking to web development and bringing interactive components to life.

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Nick Telsan

Nick is a Developer, working in our Chattanooga, TN office. He has a passion for building things and is never one to shy away from learning new things.

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Chris Manning

Chris is a developer who's passionate about web performance. He works in our Durham, NC, office for clients such as ESPN, Dick's Sporting Goods, and the Wildlife Conservation Society.

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Nathan Long

Nathan is a Senior UI Developer with a design background. He champions the user from the other side of the keyboard in Greensboro, NC.

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