Building Digital Products

Thanks to innovative startups and brave enterprises, software is still eating the world. For two decades, Viget has led the way in branding, designing, and building ground-breaking digital products. Whether you’re running a startup with a disruptive idea or launching an innovation initiative inside an established corporation, Viget can help you diversify revenue and reduce costs through human-centered design and agile software development. Ready to get to work? Contact us.

To learn more about our process, see how we helped Nest Realty build their enterprise software below:

Key Capabilities

We used on-the-ground research to define the challenges the Bronx Zoo was facing. Our solution leveraged smart development and UX to create a data management system and mobile app that guides guests through their visit.

We successfully partnered with the Ad Council and AARP to provide retirement planning tips that are clear, personalized, and actionable, using an interactive chatbot experience that is fun, approachable, and delightfully unexpected.

PUMA and Viget set out to revamp and unite diverse sites under not only one site, but under one brand. Thinking globally, from audiences to content, we’ve incorporated innovative visual and technical solutions that are flexible enough to grow and change along with the brand.