Newsletter April 8, 2021

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Building for COVID-19

By Alec Minicucci, Former Digital Strategist

From the meteoric rise of telehealth platforms to the growth of virtual conferencing and collaboration apps, the last year of our lives has made it clear technology is a driving force in managing and overcoming global challenges, such as COVID-19. As individuals, we continue to imagine our post-pandemic futures; as an organization, we’re working to develop the digital solutions that help us get there. And today, we’re inviting you to learn more about how we built one of these solutions.

Join us on April 14th to hear from Viget and Project Beacon about the work we did on the Massachusetts COVID-19 testing and vaccination platforms. During this webinar, we’ll share an overview of Project Beacon’s two main COVID-19 projects, including how Viget’s iterative and agile approach allowed us to build quickly while ensuring scalability.

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Articles We Love

  1. 1. Telemedicine dominated 2020, but what happens when patients aren't stuck at home anymore? While the healthcare system has relied extensively on telehealth solutions over the last year, it’s likely that the future of healthcare will transition to a model that blends virtual and in-person visits. This will only provide patients more options to find the regimen that best suits their health and lifestyle.
  2. 2. E-mail Is Making Us Miserable We, of course, realize the irony of including an anti-email article within an email newsletter, however with the recent emphasis on remote and virtual work, it’s never been more difficult to disconnect. This article offers a look at some of the psychology behind the unintended consequences of email.
  3. 3. To E(HR) or not to E(HR) An interesting read about the possible future of Electronic Health Records (EHR) which may someday be modeled after headless CMS solutions.

What We’re Up To

Angela Boulder 9306

Read Product Designer Angela Nguyen's latest article, in which she shares 11 ways designers can easily contribute to greening the web.

Insta beacon webinar

Working closely with Massachusetts and Project Beacon, we built a website in the state's design system that made finding vaccine locations and available appointments easier.

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In her latest article, Elyse Kamibayashi discusses, 'Why writing is a powerful tool for creating brands, not just talking about them.'

Pondering colors

Last month, we held our annual Pointless Weekend. Read Emily Franey's article on COVID Bubbel, an app we built in our 48-hour hackathon to track safety preferences of your pandemic pod.


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