What we add.

  • personalized, one-on-one mentorship from a single Advisor
  • the experience of designing and building a digital product with a team
  • guidance as you create and enrich your professional portfolio
  • a connection to our strong network of alumni—which you ultimately join

Eight unique roles.

Two main parts.

Countless perks.

Think of it like a bootcamp in your chosen field of creative technology. You won't do billable client work or track your time. Instead, you'll participate in an intensive training program within the heart of a leading digital agency. Read: all the excitement of agency life, without any grueling drudge work. While a typical bootcamp charges at steep tuition rates, we award a stipend of $2500. 

Then there's the endless supply of fresh snacks and drinks, our weekly Free Lunch Friday tradition, our summertime/funtime quarterly team event... the list goes on. 

But, to be honest, our best perks are intangible and often unpredictable: spontaneous acts of creativity and kindness that just go without saying around here.

Our annual timeline.

How to apply.

Our deadline for the 2016 summer internship has already passed. We'd still love to keep in touch if you'd like to hear more information about our program. Please send an email to internships@viget.com. Attach a PDF of your current resume. In the body of your email, tell us: who you are, what type of field/subject/work you're pursuing, what type of job/career you'd like in the future, and why you want to join Viget's internship program.

Our thoughts.

Meet the team.