7 Reasons to Be a Viget Intern

Peyton Chance, Former Product Manager

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Each summer, Viget offers an 10-week internship at our offices in Durham, Boulder, and DC. Here’s why you should apply.

It’s (about to be) the most wonderful time of the year – intern season. Interns bring a welcomed burst of energy to Viget every June. For ten weeks, Viget interns learn and work alongside our full-time staff. They brainstorm and create new products, build their networks in the industry, and prepare portfolio pieces that they are proud of.

Have you read the job description, but still want to know why you should apply? Here’s why – from a former Viget intern (me):

You get a 'bootcamp' experience.

A Viget internship is a lot like a bootcamp in your field but better: there's no cost. Our interns don't work on client work, so you can focus exclusively on developing your skills and learning to work with a cross-disciplinary digital team. Viget interns receive a cost of living stipend of $2,500 for the summer.

Each intern works directly with a dedicated mentor.

Mentors work one-on-one with interns to answer questions, pair up on solving unique problems, and teach through real-world applications. With weekly one-on-one meetings, shadowing, and pairing opportunities, the Viget internship provides the framework for powerful partnerships. A member of the full-time Viget team will be there for you every step of the way.

Interns learn to be versatile team players.

Every year, the Viget intern class collaborates on a group project to turn an idea into a tangible digital product. Interns across labs will contribute to ideation, product definition, planning, and quality assurance testing – the skills you’ll need to be a dynamic member of any digital team.

You’ll learn from industry leaders across disciplines.

The Viget internship takes a holistic approach to rounding out your skills and knowledge. Each member of the internship cohort, regardless of their discipline, will learn from Viget’s managing directors about the roles, challenges, and opportunities on each Viget team. Developers will learn to sketch and designers will learn about version control systems, all of which is part of becoming an effective teammate in the rapidly-changing digital workforce.

The company-wide perks don’t hurt.

Look, you shouldn’t choose an opportunity based on unlimited seltzer and weekly free lunches, but it doesn’t hurt.

When you’re at Viget, you’re a Viget.

Interns are real members of the Viget team, and are treated as such. We call ourselves Vigets (yeah, it’s corny), and you will too. No coffee runs, no mindless tasks -- just 10 weeks of focused learning and hard work.

You’ll also join for impromptu hikes in Boulder, trips to Quarter Horse Arcade in Durham, and maybe even a tater tot happy hour or two at our favorite restaurants in Falls Church.

Interns go places.

Former Viget interns have gone on to do incredible things at Viget and elsewhere. For more examples of the paths of former Viget interns and apprentices, check out this blog post.

Alright — now it’s time to apply!

Have questions? Reach out!

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